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Hey, It's me Prabin Bhusal from small village of Nepal. Right now I am studying BEIT in Kathmandu. I love to code all the time especially in React and Flutter.

Learn all basic about dart programming language

  • Dart is an object-oriented programming(OOP) language, that has a class-based style.
  • Flutter is build with dart and everything we code is Flutter is also dart.

Learn Dart Programming language

Commenting Code

  • Single line comments

//example of single line comments

  • Multi-line comments


example of

multiline comments


Running The main() entry point

  • Every…

Google’s UI toolkit for building application for 6 different platforms with single code base

Photo by Artur Shamsutdinov on Unsplash

What is Flutter

Flutter is a portable UI frameworks to build modern, native and reactive mobile application (now it supports for web and desktop too) from a single code base. Flutter has also expanded development for desktop,web and embedded devices.

According to official site of flutter, flutter is defined as:

Flutter is Google’s…

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