Learn all basic about dart programming language

  • Dart is an object-oriented programming(OOP) language, that has a class-based style.
  • Flutter is build with dart and everything we code is Flutter is also dart.

Learn Dart Programming language

  • Single line comments

//example of single line comments

  • Multi-line comments


example of

multiline comments


  • Every app must have a top level main() function, which is entry point of the app.

Syntax And Example:

  • Here are the ways to declare variables in dart
  • All variables are by default public.
  • Starting variable with _(underscore), the variable becomes private which means it cannot be accessed from outside class/function.


  • There are two numeric types: int, representing integer values, and double, representing fractional values.
  • The Boolean data type is used to declare a variable whose value will be set as true (1) or false (0). To declare such a value, you use the bool keyword.
  • It is comparable to arrays
  • Maps are invaluable in associating a List of values by a key and a value.
  • Here, key must be unique
  • Runes are the UTF-32 code points of string like Emojis.
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Equality and relational operators
  • Type test operators
  • Assignment Operator

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